YES Please! Kick My Ass! I want a Kick Ass Clarity Call!

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Hello Kick Ass Woman Entrepreneur!
How are you?? Like REALLY?? Woman to Woman??
Are you Kicking Ass in Business and Life??
OR… Like most are you feeling fed up and frustrated because you thought you’d be further ahead that where you are right now?
I totally understand because I was there too!!
Just 3 years ago I was so frustrated! I’d created a multi million dollar kick ass business but I was super stressed, I was disconnected with my husband, I was screaming at my kids and I’m ashamed to say that I was too busy building my empire to have quality time and be present with my children, I was unhealthy, I’d put on weight and was fuelling my day with coffee in the morning and drowning my sorrows at night with wine. This was NOT the life I signed up for!!
Then I started working with a Mindset Mentor who gave me a mindset makeover and it changed everything!! I found a simple formula to get soul conscious clarity so I could focus knowing exactly where I was going with a clear step by step strategy moving forward. I was able to let go of everything that was holding me back and no longer in alignment, so my life became SIMPLE and for the first time, I felt like I was in control and I had a leveraged income that gave me the FREEDOM to be a Loving wife who is again madly deeply in love with my husband, we said GoodBye to the Nanny and I’m now a fulltime Mum worldschooling my cherubs and we are travelling full time so they can learn history and geography from where in the world it happened and I’m giving my kids experiences not things.
The best part is I feel like I’ve found myself again. I am having FUN! I am FREE! And I have a great sense of fulfilment.
So as part of this give away event, I’m offering YOU a Kick Ass Clarity Call AND a Kick Ass Strategy Session so you can stop struggling and start Kicking Ass too!
I love these sessions, because I get to flip that switch in side you! I get to shine a bright light on the blocks that have been holding you back that you just can’t see and I get to unlock the brilliance that is already inside of you so YOU can shine!! YOU have ALL the answers inside of you… its my job to ask you the right questions so YOU can find all the answers you’ve been searching for!!
The really cool part is that you are almost there!! You’ve already put in 80% of the effort to give you 20% of the results, so now we can to flip that with a few minor tweaks (OK, or for some it may be a total overhaul) so with just 20% of additional effort, you can realise the 80% of results you’ve been dreaming of!!
So…. Are you ready for me to Kick Your Ass?? Are YOU ready to Kick Ass in 2018 and make this your best year yet??
Click the link! I can’t wait to meet you and help you Kick Ass in Business so you can live a Kick Ass Life!
Love & Huge Happy Hugs!
Kick Ass Kylie xo